What to expect for Texas A&M football as the spring portal window opens tomorrow

The madness of the transfer portal is going to hit college football again very soon, and Texas A&M football could once again be a big player.
Sep 2, 2023; College Station, Texas, USA; A detailed view of a Texas A&M Aggies helmet on the
Sep 2, 2023; College Station, Texas, USA; A detailed view of a Texas A&M Aggies helmet on the / Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Setting expectations for Texas A&M football’s activity in the next hectic portal window

The spring portal window for football opens tomorrow, and Texas A&M football fans—though feeling generally encouraged by the previous success that Elko and company had—are wondering what to expect. Though the new coaching staff did well to reinforce the current depth chart and address some spots of glaring need, there are still some areas where the Aggies are in need of more bodies.

Conversely, there’s a looming question—somewhat under-discussed by fans currently—of who from the roster may enter the portal. The Aggies have had three players enter the portal who stayed during the previous window—one of whom just announced today in LB Alex Howard. Elko’s most recent comments indicated that he would be surprised if any clear-cut starters departed in this upcoming window, and that has borne out in the entries thus far.

An important thing to note is that, due to conference rules, Texas A&M players who enter the portal cannot make a move to any other SEC school and be eligible for this year. The reverse is true as well, meaning it is unlikely that the Aggies will be able to poach any players from a conference-mate.

So where can we expect some movement outwards? It’s hard to think that defensive back wouldn’t be a spot where some guys lower down on the depth chart may make a move, including some that have just come in during the previous window. The depth chart was pretty bare ahead of the last portal cycle, but the work that Elko and company did during that time frame made the roster flush with possibilities at the position.

We’ve already seen some of that movement occur. Jacoby Mathews and Sam McCall, both DBs, were the two players who first announced they would utilize this spring portal window. Hopefully, there won’t be many more that follow them, but you have to expect that some will.

A couple of spots I think Elko would be wise to attack with intention are wide receiver and defensive tackle. With the news about Jabre Barber going down with an injury, depth at WR is even more of a pressing need than it was before—and even when he was healthy, that would have been top on my list. They need some pieces who can step in and challenge for a rotation spot there.

Another area where they could use some depth is the interior of the defensive line. They have a couple of proven guys, a couple of high-potential young players, and some situational pieces at the position, but some every-down players who can make an impact on the rotation could go a long way.

Overall, I think it’s important to not freak out, even if there are some unexpected entries. This roster has been built up enough by the previous years of recruiting and this recent portal window that one or two guys going in that the Aggies would rather keep isn’t a huge deal. All told, given what we’ve been shown so far, I think we can expect the Aggies to have a net positive over this upcoming window.