Where Texas A&M football stands with top 2025 targets: DL could be underrated group

Texas A&M football may not have the star-studded class at DL we have become used to, but they're in the race for several elite prospects nonetheless.
Oct 1, 2022; Starkville, Mississippi, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs running back Dillon Johnson
Oct 1, 2022; Starkville, Mississippi, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs running back Dillon Johnson / Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M football's standing with top 2025 prospects: Lighter in-state DL class doesn't mean Aggies can't continue excellence at position

Most Texas A&M football fans could anticipate that with the departure of Elijah Robinson, defensive line recruiting would begin to look pretty different going forward. Robinson was the straw that stirred the drink when it comes to bringing in the five-star talent up front for the Ags, and even though the Aggies got another big-time recruiter in Sean Spencer, it's still a new challenge to face.

That's one side of the coin. The other matter—at least when it comes to this upcoming class—is the relative lack of defensive line talent in the state of Texas. Three of the past four years have featured at least one composite five-star defensive lineman in the Lone Star State; this year, there's none in the top ten in-state players.

Since it is Texas High School Football we're talking about, though, there will be some premier talent from this crop no matter what the composite rankings say. One of those players who is underrated nationally is current Aggie commit Landon Rink.

The son of a Longhorn player, Landon spurned his father's alma mater for the good guys—and with his commitment, the Aggies picked up a consummately productive interior DL that, though slightly undersized, can make a huge impact in College Station.

Another guy the Aggies have their eye on is Bellville DT DJ Sanders. Sanders is notoriously tough to get a bead on, but the Aggies have done a great job thus far, getting him to campus multiple times.

Coming from a smaller-town background, the college town feel of Texas A&M may well be a boon here in getting Sanders to campus for good—and the Aggies would be well to do so, as he is nothing short of a destructive force up front. Sanders currently has a June 14 OV lined up to College Station.

South Oak Cliff DE Kamauryn Morgan is another guy the Aggies have been pushing for recently. At 6'5", 230, Morgan projects as a speedy edge rusher in the college ranks, and he can no doubt make some hay in that role in Mike Elko's defense.

Morgan visited campus this weekend. His is not a player archetype with which the Aggies have exactly been replete recently; there's plenty of opportunity for him to make some noise in College Station should the Aggies be successful.

There are still yet others in the running for this 2025 Texas A&M football class. Max Granville is a name to know. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Aggies work their way into a big national recruitment along the defensive line, either. With some big names leaving campus soon, though, the Aggies need to hit big up front in this cycle and the next.