Where Texas A&M football stands with top 2025 targets: OL has very bright outlook

If things fall right for Texas A&M football, they could boast a special offensive line class in their 2025 group.
Nov 11, 2023; College Station, Texas, USA; Texas A&M Aggies offensive lineman Dametrious
Nov 11, 2023; College Station, Texas, USA; Texas A&M Aggies offensive lineman Dametrious / Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Where Texas A&M football stands with top recruiting targets: Offensive line could be a special group

Texas A&M football, after the commitment of Jamar Beal-Goines, is now at 10 pledges for their 2025 class. Though the Aggies took a lot of transfer portal players this past cycle, the plan is to continue to get most of the team's talent from the high school ranks, so the Ags should be aiming for about 25 players or so in total.

Of the 10 current commitments, the Aggies have four that are offensive linemen: Marcus Garcia, Jonte Newman, Connor Carty, and Joshua Moses. Moses is a holdover commitment from the previous staff, but all indications are that the current Aggie coaches intend to honor his offer and commit status.

At the current time, all of these four players are ranked outside of the top 300 in the composite ratings. In the case of Garcia, Newman, and Carty, at least, I think there's a lot of potential to rise—I'm less familiar with Josh Moses's game.

Ryan Brauninger and Jason Howell of Texags have repeatedly reported that the Aggies could take as many as six offensive linemen in this class. With four already committed, they have the luxury of being extremely choosy here down the stretch—which they certainly have the opportunity to do, given the talent that they're in on.

Adam Cushing and this Texas A&M football staff have hosted some of the nation's premier talent at offensive tackle, often multiple times, over this past spring. Four of the top six tackles in the nation have made their way to campus at least once this spring: five-stars Michael Fasusi, Ty Haywood, Lamont Rogers, and Andrew Babalola. All of the first three have set official visits to College Station for the summertime.

Fasusi seemed a strong lean to Texas for a while, but after coming to College Station on three occasions in a month's time, you have to feel that the Aggies have at least pulled even. Ty Haywood—a teammate of current Aggie commitment Garcia—has strong interest in Oklahoma, but doesn't seem to be near a decision. A&M could be the leader for Rogers, but they'll have to weather a lot in that one. Things are in a more preliminary stage with Babalola.

Given the pedigree here, it's hard to imagine that the Aggies get more than one of this group; however, it is also hard to imagine that they miss out on all four, given the work that Cushing has been putting in. Getting two of the four would give the Aggies possibly the top class in the nation when it comes to offensive linemen.

As things stand, the two most likely in my book are Rogers and Fasusi, in that order. This is based off of my feel from the reporting that has been done by guys like the aforementioned Brauninger and Howell, as well as the demonstrated interest by the prospects themselves in things like visits both taken and scheduled.

Things can change in an instant in recruiting, and you never know how these players are thinking about things. However, it truly seems like the Aggies will close this class with offensive line being one of the strongest positions in the entire group. For that to be the case, though, they'll need to close strong with one or two of these big names.