Why every key Texas A&M basketball player will (and won't) stay for next season

With the transfer portal open and alive, it'll be interesting to see who will stay and leave.

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Will Jace Carter remain with Texas A&M basketball?

Carter will also be entering his senior season. Jace spent his first two collegiate years at the University of Illinois-Chicago before transferring into A&M this past summer.

The junior averaged 6.9 points, and 4.7 rebounds a game. Carter was also key to the team's late success, and I see him staying another year for the Ags.

If he did decide to return, I think he will have a even bigger role than he did this year. Carter brought a lot of intangibles to the squad, and I think that is valuable to this teams success.

Andersson Garcia figures in prominently in Texas A&M basketball's future

It has been confirmed via Andersson's Instagram and X pages that he is staying for his final year of eligibility at A&M. Garcia spent his first two collegiate seasons at Mississippi State under head coach Ben Howland before transferring to Texas A&M.

This past season, the senior averaged 6 points, 9.1 rebounds, and just over an assist a game. Something that sticks out there—rebounds! Andy's ability to pull in as many rebounds as he did night after night contributed to the many second chance opportunities which were vital for the team.

I think without Andy, the Ags would not have went as far as they did. He pulled in SEC All-Defensive Team honors, as well as setting a new school record for rebounds in a season (327). I think he'll play a huge role in this upcoming season.