Would any Michigan Players Come to Texas A&M Football after Harbaugh heads to NFL?

There are very few Michigan players that also had Texas A&M football in their final group, but here are a couple to keep an eye on.
Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh speaks during the national championship celebration at Crisler
Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh speaks during the national championship celebration at Crisler / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

Chargers Hire Jim Harbaugh; Would Any Michigan Players Consider Texas A&M Football?

Fresh off of winning a national championship, Jim Harbaugh is finally headed back to the NFL, and Texas A&M football fans are watching the situation closely. Just like with Alabama when Nick Saban retired, players on the roster now have 30 days to enter the portal, and the Aggies could stand to benefit.

As of now, no Michigan players have entered the portal. With the news pretty fresh, and things looking like the Wolverines brass want to move quickly to make a new hire, UM is hoping to not see a huge exodus to the portal, but it’s possible that some key names could make their departure.

Even so, this is quite a different situation than that of Alabama. For one thing, the timing is far different: the drop/add date has passed for most schools (it was January 22 for Texas A&M), so players that enter the portal cannot enroll for the spring (at least, to my understanding). As regards Texas A&M football specifically, there are very few players on the Michigan roster that fall within the recruiting footprint from which the Aggies usually draw, especially when compared to the Tide. 

Of course, the Aggies have recruited nationally over the past couple of years, so that is less relevant than it might otherwise be. Still, there are few players over the last couple of years for whom it came down to the Wolverines and Texas A&M football.

One player that comes to mind is safety Keon Sabb, who has developed into a stud over the last two seasons in Ann Arbor. The defensive back room is crowded, but a talent like Sabb is always welcome. He flipped from Clemson to Michigan, but the Aggies were involved in that recruitment until the end.

Another name is Enow Etta. Etta is an EDGE player from Keller, Texas, who visited the Aggies a couple of times. He is one of very few players from the Lone Star State that is on the Wolverines roster, and could be contemplating a move closer to home anyway.

We’ll have to wait and see how the roster movement shakes out over these next few weeks. If either of these names end up in the portal, I’d keep a close eye on Texas A&M football.