Texas A&M Football: Top Aggie road trips in the SEC

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One of the underrated perks of Texas A&M football moving to the SEC is the bump up in quality road trip opportunities. Where do Aggies need to visit?

After a recent stroll through the foreign village that is Hollywood boulevard this past weekend, it hit me.  Call me old fashioned, but I’ll take a game of washers and a cold beer at a tailgate in Aggieland over the ‘city of angels’ everyday of the week. And trust me, I’m not just saying that because of the overly publicized meltdown in the Rose Bowl.

There’s just not many places that compare to SEC country. The tradition, the atmosphere, and the culture are truly second to none. I’m lucky enough to have experienced majority of these historic venues first hand.

After digging through some old pics and taking a stroll down memory lane with family and friends, I’ve put together a grade for all nine towns the Ags have visited during their short tenure in the South Eastern Conference: 

Disclaimer: Grades that are B’s or C’s would very easily be the cream of the crop in other conferences.

Anybody else forget the Tigers were still in the conference yet? No disrespect to Mizou, Faurot stadium is a respectable size and the student section was as rowdy as ever, but between the brutally cold weather and the scarce amount of tailgating around the stadium, it is just tough to compare when arguing against another SEC town.

Pro tip:

Head to a bar on 5th street before kickoff to escape the cold, and lather up in as many articles of clothing as possible.