Texas A&M Football: Evaluating the quarterback performances in Week 2

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Jake Hubenak – Areas for improvement

When senior quarterback, Jake Hubenak came out onto the field, Kyle Field was brought back to life. It was time for the senior to get his shot after not getting a chance to play in Las Angeles for whatever reason. Yes, he got the opportunity against Nicholls State and didn’t do too shabby. But he still has some things to work on.


Maybe Sumlin was trying to boost Hubenak’s confidence in the run game like he was trying to do with Mond in the passing game. Either way, the senior ran the football a lot, which is something he’s not accustomed to. This is foreign to him because running isn’t exactly his strength. You can only teach speed up to a certain extent and it’s clear that Hubenak won’t be running John Ross like 40-yard dashes. This makes his game more one-dimensional and it will allow the defenses to key on things that they deem more important. Hopefully, Jake on build on his already solid passing game.

Let’s be quicker

Yes, he has a solid passing game but one thing that is holding him back is his release time. He takes him a while to get the ball out of his hand once he decides where to throw. For someone who’s game is predominately passing, this is something he needs to fix. Twitchy defensive backs will pick up on this and try to jump routes and make plays on the ball.Arm Strength

Something else that’s more natural than taught is arm strength. Hubenak doesn’t exactly have a “live arm” compared to most guys. You’d like to see the ball leave his hand with some zip and velocity. On the more open throws this won’t be an issue but when it comes down to the nitty gritty and making big time throws, it always helps to have some more firepower. Hopefully, Hubenak can use his brain and experience to put himself in situations where he won’t need the rocket arm.