Texas A&M Football: How can the Aggies prevent a second half swoon?

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2. Kevin Sumlin and the Aggies need to take more chances

Coach Sumlin needs to be more aggressive. I counted four or five opportunities where he could’ve gone for it on fourth and short or medium versus South Carolina. Of course those decisions are tougher in the second half, but in the first half he needs to be willing to get out of his comfort zone. Yes, I grew up in the house of an offensive coaches, and I understand playing field position is critical, but every once in a while it is okay to be unconventional.

Lets look back at a few of the scenarios in question from the South Carolina game. The Aggies first drive off the game left them with a decision to make on third down just across the 50. They decided to throw a quick slant that was covered very well. You have to find creative ways to get three yards, it happened early in the UCLA game as well.

On the next offensive series, Mond scrambled on third down to make it 4th-and-1 just across midfield again. Here’s where I’d like the staff to have something ready to go that catches everyone including the crowd and television off guard. Even if you do not make it you’re playing to win.

The last drive before the half is another opportunity where you have a chance to keep a drive going. After Keith Ford picks up five on 3rd-and-6 you’re looking at another 4th-and-1 with 69 seconds left. Again this is another opportunity to be aggressive, maybe not as appealing as the first two in the game but all I want is this staff to be willing to be unconventional.

And finally there’s the opening drive to start the second half. I don’t mind the deep ball on 3rd-and-5, but the percentages of making that play are not very high. How about a swing pass, they were working. Maybe a zone-read concept? Anything that will give you a better chance of continuing the drive is what is critical. What happened to us setting the tone to start both halves?