Texas A&M Football: How can the Aggies prevent a second half swoon?

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How will the Aggies finish?

The Aggies are 4-1 and we can all agree the season really starts Saturday night against Alabama. The last three seasons have gone completely sideways after this game. Do you believe it will be any different? Has this team shown you anything you did not see in the past three teams? As I sit here, I have a hard time determining what’s been different besides all the negativity after the UCLA game. We survived against both schools from Louisiana and had to rally against Arkansas and South Carolina.

For October and November to be a success we will need a different recipe. We all think we know what ingredients we need, but one for sure we can all agree on is we need a faster start. Trying to come back is not something you should or want to depend on. If that’s taking the ball to start the game, going for it when the so-called sheet says not to do so, or playing like you’re always behind then let’s do it. Please flip the switch in the first half not after the halftime break.

Can the Aggies go 3-0 in October? They sure can, but they will have to address what I spoke about earlier plus continue to limit the turnovers. I’ve never cared about time of possession, but I thought it was a factor against South Carolina. If we can take care of the ball, run for 200+ and make three big plays in the passing game we should be in it at the end.

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Aggies thought I was crazy win I called for a 2-0 start to conference play. I will stick with my prediction that the Aggies go 2-1 in October and are very competitive against Bama. That will leave this team with a ton to play for in November and in my opinion give Kevin Sumlin and the staff a chance to silence all the critics internally and externally.

The question is, would Aggieland be happy with that? I know I would be.