Texas A&M Football 2017: Midseason report card and position grades

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Texas A&M football is half way through the 2017 season. From excellent to atrocious, here’s our report card for each position group so far.

Texas A&M Football is now one game past the midway point in their season. The Aggies were a team coming into the 2017 season with several questions. Many of the experts out there thought Kevin Sumlin would be out come season’s end. They also thought a bowl game would be the only thing you would look back on and say was positive when the season ending. After seven games and a respectable showing against Alabama the narrative has changed.

Before we get into the grades at the midway point, we survived a tough four game stretch. The next four game stretch will ultimately decide Kevin Sumlin’s fate. Can this team go 4-0?  Absolutely. They’ve found something at quarterback and if they can play for 60 minutes you never know.

Will this team go 4-0? I think they will. I’m already on the record with my projections for the second half. I’m 4-0 in my predictions so far and almost picked the exact score in the Alabama and Florida games.

We’ve seen this team go through some serious adversity. It started with a lousy 17 minutes in LA, a regent calling for the head coach’s job. They team lost its starting quarterback and free safety and it struggle against two schools from Louisiana and neither of them were LSU.

Since conference play has started the Aggies have been the cardiac kids, coming back in all three wins. They also showed the entire country that Alabama isn’t invincible and had the punt block bounced a different way the Aggies are down only seven with the entire 4th quarter to play.

With that being said, let’s dive into each position and hand out some mid-season grades.