Texas A&M Football: Advanced stats and the Aggie defense

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Standard and Passing Downs S&P+

Our next statistics are passing and standard downs. Passing downs are second and at least 8 yards to go and third or fourth down and at least five yards for the first down. Anything else is a standard down. Knowing the offense must pass the ball to reach success is a boon for any defense, but just how much of a help is it for the 2017 Texas A&M defense?

On standard downs, Texas A&M’s rating is 114.1, ranked 23rd in the country. Keeping the opposing offense behind the chains and off schedule is something that John Chavis and the rest of the A&M defense has excelled at this year. On passing downs, however, the story is not so bright. A&M is 86th in the nation with a rating of 97. This is just below average, and explains many of the big plays we have seen occur. The leaders in SD are Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, and Ohio State, while the leaders in PD are Washington, Alabama, Michigan, and Indiana.

In 2016, the Texas A&M defense had a rating of 99.7 on standard downs, and 110.9 on passing downs. This was undoubtedly helped by the pressure the defensive ends could put on opposing quarterbacks. This year’s defense has been more solid on standard downs, but has given up more than a few third and longs.