Texas A&M Football 2017: 3 Keys to victory over New Mexico

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Nick Starkel Throws for 350

When Starkel came into the game against Auburn, the offense was reignited.

He was only 11-of-22 for 184 yards, but the offense looked and felt different. Coming out of the gate and throwing the ball deep may have helped cement his status as starter for this week. I would love to see him show how much he has been able to sit back and learn the offense this year, and give the Aggie offense a much needed spark.

Throwing for 350 against a not-terrible New Mexico team would be a heck of a way to make a re-entrance. If he can do that, look for the team to become that dangerous squad that opened up the year by trouncing UCLA for a half.

Getting a deadly passing game is what was working the last time we saw Starkel. He is not the same runner as Kellen Mond is, but he is the superior passer. Bringing his strengths to the table may mean the Aggies are more ready to defeat teams like Ole Miss and LSU when that time comes. Now is an almost perfect preseason game for him to get that started, and get back into gear after facing a tough Auburn defense.