Texas A&M Football 2017: 3 Keys to victory over New Mexico

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Every Red Zone visit produces a touchdown

New Mexico has struggled stopping opponents from capitalizing in the red zone. With an offense that features a new quarterback, getting some touchdowns inside the 20 should build some valuable confidence for him going forward.

The offense has spun the tires in recent weeks, and has struggled to finish drives. If they can take advantage of  a defense struggling to stop other teams from scoring, they may be able to turn it around.

New Mexico has the 114th ranked team when grading Finishing Drives, a part of S&P+. The stat comes from points earned by an offense while within the 40. Their defense is not great at bowing their necks and forcing offenses off the field. The Aggies should take full advantage and try to finish their drives as a special focus for the week.

Every team wants to score touchdowns in the red zone, but there should be special emphasis. I almost wouldn’t mind seeing coaches going for it on fourth down to show the players that touchdowns are the expectation inside the 20.