Texas A&M Football Recruiting: Top 5 remaining targets for 2018 class

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The 2018 Texas A&M Football recruiting class is nearly complete but it isn’t finished just yet. Here are the Aggies’ top five remaining targets.

What makes a good team? Is it the coaches? Is it the players? How about both? The answer is yes. Both make good teams. But there are new people every year who are the heart and soul of every single team: the recruits.

It’s common knowledge that to build a solid, strong structure, there must be a firm and reliable base. At the base of any strong football team are the coaches and recruiters. This remains especially true in college football. It seems that the better the coach, the better the team. For example, Nick Saban at Alabama, Urban Meyer at Florida and Ohio State, James Franklin at Penn State. Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M? Well, we’ll see what the future holds.

Even though that the coaches and recruiters are the base of the team as a whole, the foundation of the roster is the young recruits. Take the 2017 Texas A&M football season as a prime example. This past season, the Aggies lost numerous of older players to injury. Close to 20 freshmen had to step in and hold the team together. As hard as they tried and as good as they performed it still would have been nice to have that experience on the field.

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Started from the bottom, now they’re here

Still, those players who were hurt weren’t always the veterans that they are. At one point, they were freshmen too. Some were highly recruited like Christian Kirk, others not as much. Nonetheless, as they grew as people and as players they transitioned from the foundation of the roster to the flashy playmakers that we know them as. It’s a never-ending cycle that progresses each year.

I think it’s easy to see how important it is to start with a good foundation so that one – the young players can successfully step up if need be and two – they can eventually develop into stars and carry the team. The Aggies have a solid foundation in guys like Anthony Hines III, Jhamon Ausbon, and Cameron Buckley. However, with a new set of recruits coming in and an older set of graduates and draftees leaving, roles change and the “foundation” title will get passed down to a new set of young men.

The 2018 Texas A&M football recruiting class is already impressive. It includes elite players like Jalen Preston, Max Wright and Luke Matthews. A full listing of Aggie commits and signees is available  here.

There are still a few recruits left on the board that the Aggies would love to have become the next bricks of the foundation. Here are the top five of the top recruits left on the Aggies’ board.