Texas A&M Football: Greg McElroy says Jimbo Fisher can’t ‘wave a magic wand’

(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images for ESPN)
(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images for ESPN) /

Greg McElroy says Texas A&M football and Jimbo Fisher can’t just “wave a magic wand” and expect 10 wins every year, because he clearly doesn’t know Aggie fans.

Former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy recently conducted an interview with SEC Country in which he gave an unprompted warning to Texas A&M football fans who may have lofty expectations for Jimbo Fisher.

"“I like Jimbo Fisher quite a bit at Texas A&M, but the SEC West is a different animal,” McElroy said. “To think that he’s just gonna go in there and wave a magic wand and win 10 games every year, that’s a tall order. Just knowing that you have to play Auburn and Alabama every year, LSU every year, the schedule’s just so daunting.”"

Yes, it’s true that there is a sector of Aggie fans (lookin’ mostly at you, Old Army) that will always be positive, and, sometimes to a fault, expect the highest of heights for Aggie football, especially in a coaching change year. This sector of fans likely have already proclaimed Fisher will lead A&M to a National Championship in a year or two.

Then there are the rest of us.

McElroy clearly doesn’t know the rest of us fans aren’t expecting Fisher to simply clean up everything Kevin Sumlin failed at and be successful overnight. Not to mention, even deeper within the sector of fans who are realistic are fans who are quite the opposite of the always optimist. The battered Aggies, if you will.

While excited for the Fisher hire, most fans are cautiously optimistic. We aren’t going to let our guard down.

Even though McElroy played at Alabama, he is from Texas. He should know he doesn’t have to temper the expectations of this fan base. We’ve been hyped up only to be let down countless times over the last couple of decades. It has been 20 years since the program’s last conference championship, and the lone national title came in 1939.

Yes, every Texas A&M fan should be excited for Aggie football.

Yes, we all bleed maroon and white.

Yes, most of us think Jimbo FIsher will turn the program around.

But we don’t need someone who played at Alabama during its glory years to tell us to chill out. We get it.

Let us enjoy Nick Starkel taking snaps under center with a fullback behind him, for the love of God.

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Jimbo Fisher definitely has his work cut out for him changing the culture that Sumlin created. While players undoubtedly loved playing for Sumlin, it did not produce the expected results after year one. Most of the fan base has faith he’ll be able to do that, but we’re not expecting it to happen over night (at least we shouldn’t).

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