Texas A&M Football: 4 Aggies who could be 1st-round NFL draft picks

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2019 Draft: Tyrel Dodson, Linebacker

Every football team wants a lighting quick linebacker who plugs up gaps like a cork in a wine bottle and is on the quarterback like white on rice. Teams envy one with football IQ, who rarely misses tackles, and can even drop back into coverage. Plus, if he’s a great leader, coaches will have to pick up their dropped jaw after seeing this player. Well, what do you know? The Aggies have a man that fits that bill.

If you haven’t heard of Tyrel Dodson yet, then you can thank me later. This explosive linebacker leads the front seven, aka the heart and soul, of the Aggies defense. Dodson is an incoming junior from Tennessee and ever since moving south, he’s been a wrecking ball.

By the numbers

You may be wondering, “If this guy is so good, why I haven’t I heard of him?” One reason is he has been surrounded by a ton of other talents like Myles Garrett, Daeshon Hall, and Armani Watts. I’ll let you watch his highlight video and let his playing speak for itself, but also just look at his numbers.

In 2017, Dodson was fifth in the SEC in assisted tackles, fifth in total tackles, and was tied second among linebackers with three interceptions. The Texas A&M front seven is stellar this year, to say the least. With a considerable amount of talent returning, Tyrel may not have the flashiest stat sheet in 2018, but if you watch him play and recognize the impact he makes on the game, it’s obvious that this guy is made for the NFL.

Who would draft him?

There are a quite a few teams who could use a solid linebacker but will not find him in this year’s draft due to a multitude of reasons. I think Dodson will be a mid to late first round pick. I’m not trying to sound like a Texas homer, but the Dallas Cowboys should have a later position in the first round and they would be a solid spot for Dodson to land. Sean Lee manages to stay hurt and with the depth already thin at the linebacker position, America’s team may be the next landing spot for #25.