Texas A&M Football: 5 reasons Nick Starkel should be the starting quarterback

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Starkel is much more consistent

This is more about Mond than anything else, but Starkel was a much more consistent performer in 2017. He did have the one bad game against LSU, but other than that you could count on Starkel to get things done through the air. Mond, on the other hand, had a few poor performances.

He was awful when he came in for Starkel in the UCLA comeback, going just 3-for-17 through the air. UCLA was able to stack the box and dared Mond to beat them. He couldn’t. Yes, he was a true freshman in his first action at the freaking Rose Bowl, but even that isn’t a good enough excuse to play that poorly.

Mond settled down for a few games before having a terrible stretch in starts against Florida, Mississippi State and Auburn. This stretch is what led to Kevin Sumlin turning back to Starkel to close the season.

Starkel had a solid game against Ole Miss and exploded for a ridiculous performance against Wake Forest in the Belk Bowl. He had 499 yards and four touchdowns in that loss. He followed that up with an excellent performance in the Maroon And White game.

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There are definite pluses to Kellon Mond’s game, but Nick Starkel’s skills are better suited to lead Jimbo Fisher’s offense right now.

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