Texas A&M Football: 5 reasons Nick Starkel should be the starting quarterback

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He makes better decisions

One of the things Jimbo preaches and has been talking to the media about almost nonstop after spring practices is situational football and making the important plays in the big moments like on third down and when in the red zone. It also means protecting the football, of which Starkel was better at in 2017.

While Mond didn’t make any mistakes in the Maroon And White Game, he was turnover prone in his few starts. In appearing in seven games, Starkel threw 14 touchdowns to six interceptions, half of those interceptions came against LSU’s stout defense. He mostly protected the football well. Mond only had six interceptions in appearing in 10 games, but only threw eight touchdowns.

There isn’t a huge discrepancy in stats, but Starkel making better decisions does show up on film. When you watch the two of them play, it seems like Starkel has an easier time finding the correct guy to throw to. Mond just hasn’t developed as much confidence in his arm, plus looks for his first or second read before he’s ready to take off running.

Making the decision to get the ball down field rather than take a five-yard gain is what separates the good quarterbacks from the great ones.