Texas A&M football: 6 people to watch against Northwestern State

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5. Jimbo Fisher

On the opposing side of the field is Jimbo Fisher, the Aggie’s newest prized possession, and hopeful savior. I won’t delve into Jimbo’s extensive resume, but I will say this, none of it will matter unless there is a definite change to this program. These alterations won’t happen overnight, however, this week there are a few changes that we really need to see.

This week’s game is not predicted to be a difficult win for the Aggies. Oddsshark.com has the Aggies winning by almost 30 points and that’s a fair number. If this was week six or seven, the spread would be even bigger between the two teams and rightly so; the offense would be clicking in more of a unison and the team chemistry would be higher.

A 30-point win is certainly not a close game but it’s not just a completely overpowering onslaught. This is one of the things that Jimbo must give us, a solid, clear win over a clearly weaker team. This cannot be like the Nicholls State game of 2017 where we barely edged by. If Jimbo can show clear separation with still potential and room to improve on, the Aggies will be sitting just fine.

The other thing that we need to see from Jimbo is diverse play calling. This is something that absolutely must change from the previous administration. We know that the plays themselves will be different from Sumlin’s offense, but there needs to be a broader variety of plays called.

Texas A&M can’t be so predictable this year like we have in the past. Opposing coaches are too smart for that in the SEC and, as we all know, you will lose if you are predictable. The spring game showed promise of some diversity and the team has only developed from there, so that should mean a nice, deep playbook.