The Texas A&M Football program could turn the SEC on its head

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The Texas A&M Football team has coaching that can make a difference

Nick Saban has been a dominant coach for a long time — not just anybody can jump into the SEC and destroy everything he has built. We’ve seen coaches like Guz Malzahn and Ed Orgeron do it for short periods of time, but nobody has taken over the conference permanently.

Jimbo Fisher could do that.

At 55-years old, Jimbo Fisher is young enough to take control over the SEC but old enough to have the experience required to turn his team into a perennial contender. Allow me to elaborate.

Fisher is far from a perfect head coach. His time had come and gone at Florida State University and while he won a national championship, his success didn’t last. But during his time there, he learned one extremely valuable lesson — how to fail.

That’s the issue with coaching in a lot of cases — head coaches are given a single shot at success and if they don’t achieve it with consistency, they’re gone. In a couple of years, Ed Orgeron could fall victim to this if he doesn’t turn things around at LSU.

Fisher, on the other hand, has already experienced this. He can learn from the mistakes that he made at FSU and apply himself differently in College Station. It’s a unique opportunity that not a lot of coaches have the chance to capitalize on.

What steps has he already taken to achieve this?