The Texas A&M Football program could turn the SEC on its head

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The Texas A&M Football team’s success should not be ignored in 2020

Jimbo Fisher did something that likely won’t gain as much recognition as it should. He took somebody else’s players and won on a national scale.

Fisher took the A&M Job in late 2017. That means he wouldn’t have a recruiting class that was fully his until the 2019 season. The players that Fisher has recruited are going to be, at the oldest, juniors this year. Last year they were freshmen and sophomore.

This is significant because college football head coaches, historically speaking, perform significantly better once their preferred talent arrives. There were already strong players in the program, but there are about to be even better players.

Jimbo Fisher went 9-1 and won an Orange Bowl with Kevin Sumlin’s players. That is not an accomplishment that should be ignored.

Fast forward to the 2021 season and Fisher will finally be playing with a roster that is comprised mostly of his own players. We saw what happened when more of his guys got a chance to take the field in 2020 — college football should be on alert when his classes, all of which have been in the top ten, take the field.

The implications of this go far beyond 2021. The Aggies haven’t even reached their peak with Fisher, which shouldn’t happen for another few seasons. Because of this, their potential is through the roof.

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If there’s a program set to take over the SEC, it’s Texas A&M.