Ranking the top 5 Texas A&M Football uniforms in the last decade

Kyler Murray, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Eric Christian Smith/Getty Images)
Kyler Murray, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Eric Christian Smith/Getty Images) /
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Say what you want about the Texas A&M Football team’s performances in the past couple of decades, but one thing will hold true. The Aggies have one of the better color combinations of any school in the country.

While some schools like Oregon are known for their flashy uniforms, they can often find themselves going over the top with their combinations. As a result, these schools have an extremely high ceiling when it comes to fan appreciation.

The Aggies, on the other hand, will not go down as one of the schools with elite uniforms, but the design team has brought consistently good looks to College Station. Unlike schools like Oregon, you won’t find many 12-year olds across the country bragging about their TAMU Football jersey at lunch. This is because the Aggies uniforms rely on tradition and simplicity, two things that not many schools value anymore.

Today, we’ll be breaking down Texas A&M Football’s top 5 uniforms in the past decade.

No. 5 Texas A&M Football uniform: Classic away look

As seen above, the Aggies’ current away uniform isn’t anything special, but perhaps that’s what makes it such a great uniform. While some schools go over the top, the Aggies don’t need to stick out of a crowd to look good out on the field.

There’s really not much to say about these. It’s an all-white uniform with Maroon lettering for the numbers, name, and Texas A&M font on the front. After a few years with stripes on the shoulders, the Aggies parted ways with the old look, opting for more simplicity.

Again, it’s nothing special, but it is the definition of a clean look. The next jersey combination, on the other hand, is a little bit more extreme.