Texas A&M Football: Is Aggies’ easy schedule a good or bad thing?

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Texas A&M Football Mandatory Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports /
Texas A&M Football
Texas A&M Football Mandatory Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports /

Generally speaking, the Texas A&M Football team has a pretty tough schedule. They face Alabama on a yearly basis and frequently make trips to face Auburn, LSU, Georgia, and other SEC powerhouse programs. In that department, this season is no exception.

The Aggies will face Alabama, Auburn, and LSU this season, two of which will be in College Station.

But while those teams might seem threatening at first glance, a recent lack of success from the latter two squads has the college football world believing that the Aggies have somewhat of a cakewalk for a schedule. Memorably, Bleacher Report referred to the Aggies’ schedule as a “cream puff buffet,” which makes less and less sense every time.

I mean, if the games are equated to cream puffs, there is even less logic. Imagine eating 12 cream puffs in a single sitting, you’d be lying on the ground in pain. But I digress.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with the fact that the Aggies have a “cream puff buffet” schedule, their schedule is undeniably easier than it has been in recent years. This can partially be attributed to the fact that LSU and Auburn have become significantly worse teams. In the end, it comes down to bad luck.

The Texas A&M Football team’s easy schedule can be looked at as a positive or a negative

When trying to decide whether the Aggies’ easy schedule is a good or bad thing, there are a few roadblocks along the way.

Firstly, the Texas A&M Football team may not be able to gain entry to the College Football Playoff if they lose a single game to ‘Bama. Rather than having a handful of other contending teams in the win column, they’ll have some strong unranked wins and another loss to the Crimson Tide. This does not bode well for TAMU.

That said, to be the best, you have to beat the best, so that shouldn’t generally be a concern for this team. If TAMU can’t take down ‘Bama, they won’t be able to do it again in the playoff. This leads me to the positive behind this situation.

Texas A&M knows what they have to do to make the College Football Playoff and it’s something that I just mentioned. Beat ‘Bama.

Last season, Aggie fans learned that their entire season may come down to a single game. Texas A&M had a flawless season if you remove their blowout loss against Alabama. At least now, Aggie fans know that they don’t have the schedule to make up for that loss. It won’t be a huge disappointment to miss out on the competition as they did a season ago.

That said, having a normal 12-game schedule as opposed to a 10-game schedule should help their chances, but their non-conference games in Kent State, Colorado, and New Mexico will do absolutely nothing to help their odds.

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Overall, as a fan, you have to take this as it is. Enjoy the fact that you are in charge of your own destiny and on the cusp of something great. Watch out for this Texas A&M Football team, as they could be on top of the SEC in the upcoming season.