Texas A&M Football: Johnny Manziel’s NIL advice to student athletes

Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /
Texas A&M Football
Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /

The Texas A&M Football team has a lot to worry about this offseason. After a wildly successful 2020-21 year that saw TAMU go 9-1, they’ll look ahead as a presumed College Football Playoff contender.

But just as the offseason is beginning to heat up, something popped up to keep players on the Texas A&M Football team occupied. That was the new Name, Image, and Likeness law that was passed, allowing college student-athletes to earn money legally.

For a large-brand school like Texas A&M, this will have a huge impact on both recruiting and player performance, at least on the football field. That said, the Aggies are pushing to educate their players in the best way possible, developing a program called AMPLIFY to educate student athletes.

AMPLIFY educates the players on anything below.

"Building Your Digital BrandFinancial WorkshopsEffective NetworkingEvaluating Job Opportunities and Negotiating OffersMock Job InterviewsUnderstanding the Aggie Network and Lettermen’s AssociationSocial Media Audit and AnalysisINFLCR Best PracticesCreating Custom Content for Your Brand"

On Thursday, the Texas A&M Football team received some of the best advice they could have gotten.

Former Texas A&M Football Heisman Johnny Manziel gave out some advice for student-athletes on Twitter

If there’s anybody who knows how to handle your Name, Image, and Likeness in college football, it’s Johnny Manziel. Manziel was one of the most polarizing figures in sports, becoming a household name for all football fans.

It is a well known fact that Manziel accepted money in exchange for autographs at the college level, admitting to receiving a “decent living” from this. Manziel explained on a podcast that he collected $30,000 from one sale.

Recently, Manziel went to Twitter to send some tips out to young athletes trying to earn money while they’re playing college sports. There are a series of tweets, but here is one of the more prominent ones.

For more on this, you can visit Johnny Manziel’s Twitter account, where he broke down in detail how these players should go about making money.

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Manziel is a rare case of a player who has experience building a brand. Granted, it wasn’t technically allowed, but it’s more experience than most other players have. Hopefully, his words can go a long way for some of the more prominent student athletes at Texas A&M.