Fans react to Texas A&M hiring Nebraska AD Trev Alberts: huge hire or expensive flop?

Texas A&M Aggies fans—and Nebraska fans, for that matter—made their sentiments known on the biggest piece of Aggie news today.

Nov 28, 2022; Omaha, Nebraska, US;  Nebraska Cornhuskers athletic director Trev Alberts signals to
Nov 28, 2022; Omaha, Nebraska, US; Nebraska Cornhuskers athletic director Trev Alberts signals to / Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Fans weigh in on Texas A&M hiring Nebraska's AD Trev Alberts; Big time move or big time mistake?

Yes, Texas A&M Aggies fans, the hire is actually official. After a period of hours where things seemed to be in at least a certain amount of doubt as to whether the hire would go through, the Aggie brass has finalized the hire of Trev Alberts as the newest AD in College Station.

Given that this was not a guy on the radar of many Aggie fans—after all, the AD search hasn't been as big of a story as the basketball team's up-and-down performance or the baseball squad's perfect start—many Aggies wanted to know how exactly they should feel about this move. It appears the reaction of the media was best described as "shocked and impressed."

Also, I guess, "embarrassed for Nebraska" works as well.

Cornhusker fans were not taking the news well.

Aristotle said that virtue is the mean between two vices. I guess that fits the general mood of these reactions, if the one side is "mildly bummed" and the other is "driven to arson."

As I mentioned in a previous post, fans being upset that you hired away a coach or administrator is a great sign that you're doing something well. Mike Elko himself was a great example of this, as has been much of his staff: Collin Klein, Jordan Peterson, Joe Hamilton, the list goes on. Though this was an administrative hire by the university rather than a specific football hire (though football is clearly the biggest fish in the athletics pond), Alberts's departure garnering a similar reaction is exciting for Aggie fans.

By the amount of Iowa fans in the replies, I think I have just now discovered a rivalry I did not know existed. These states might as well be Siberia to a young country boy like myself!!