Game Recap: Decimated Texas A&M Football Team Falls to Oklahoma State

Texas A&M football, trotting out walk-ons due to their piecemeal roster, fell to the Cowboys by 8.
Dec 27, 2023; Houston, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies defensive back Aaron Trevino (32) stretches
Dec 27, 2023; Houston, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies defensive back Aaron Trevino (32) stretches / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
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Reed's swing pass to Owens fell incomplete after Rueben got his eyes upfield too quickly on the first play of the final period. A long, lateral throw to Owens fell incomplete on second down, but a throw by Reed in the face of pressure found Moose Muhammad for the conversion; a 17-yard completion down to the Cowboy 35. Pressure once again got to Marcel on the next play, but he was able to throw the ball away in time. A screen to Amari Daniels looked like it might go to the end zone, but the Cowboys punched the ball out and recovered it at the one.

The Cowboys, in the shadow of their own end zone, tried a fade route that was well-defended by Bravion and fell incomplete. Gordon squirted out for seven to give the Cowboys some breathing room on 3rd and 3, but another amazing catch down the sideline gave the Pokes more life out near midfield. A quick stop route brought up 2nd and one, but a holding penalty on what would have been a conversion moved the Cowboys back 10 yards. Gordon leaked out of the backfield on the next play, but it was well-read by the Aggie defense, and he only picked up one yard. Bowman slung it downfield across the middle on third down, and Sam Mathews was waiting right in the right spot for a 12th Man interception.

An end-around for Micah Tease picked up about four yards on first down, but Marcel stumbled while rolling out on second down, giving up an inadvertent sack to bring up 3rd and 15. Reed delivered too high for Muhammad across the middle, and the Aggies would have to punt.

Gordon broke his second run of the night into the Aggie secondary, bringing the Pokes down into Texas A&M football territory. A pass initially ruled incomplete to the outside was overturned after Albert Regis went down with injury, providing time for the referees to take a look, bringing up 2nd and 10. A short throw was complete for about 3 yards, but Chris Russell was right there for the tackle to bring up 3rd and seven. Bowman rolled out and couldn't find anyone downfield, as York covered his intended target Gordon well. The Cowboys moved back five yards after a delay of game on fourth down to give their punter a bit more room; Moose fielded the ball at the five but was able to bring it out all the way to the 20.

Reed's first pass was complete to Rueben Owens for 9 yards, and he found Walker for another seven on second. Walker was open across the middle on the next play, and he evaded tacklers downfield to get all the way down to the Cowboy 29. Reed was almost intercepted on the next play, though, and was lucky that the DB was out of bounds. A QB draw went nowhere to bring up 3rd and 9, and Reed was sacked on third down. Randy Bond trotted out for a 51-yarder which bounced off the crossbar and through to give the Aggies three more. The score was now 31-23 with 5:07 left in the game.

A tunnel screen for the Cowboys picked up three yards or so on first down before a second down shovel pass got just enough to convert. Confusion for the Cowboys resulted in a timeout call just ahead of a delay of game flag. Gordon picked up four on a sweep to the left, and a quick throw to the outside converted again just across midfield. Another screen picked up just a hair under ten yards, and the Aggies were forced to start taking timeouts with the clock down to 2:08. Another Gordon run moved the chains just barely. Some issues surrounding the game clock and timeouts had to get sorted out, but they eventually culminated in a four-yard Gordon run. Texas A&M football had exhausted their supply of timeouts with 1:59 left. Gordon was tackled for a short loss on second down, and the Cowboys were able to bleed the clock all the way down to 1:10. Gordon got around the corner, but he was wrestled down by Sam Mathews before he could pick up the first. The clock ran down to 23 seconds remaining, and the Cowboys would try a 47-yard field goal to ice the game. The Cowboys kicker pushed it right, and the Aggies would take over at the 30 yard line.

Reed found Jahdae Walker wide open downfield, but the clock began to move prematurely after the first-down stoppage. He spiked it with five seconds remaining, but a long heave down the field was intercepted by one-time Aggie enrollee Kendal Daniels to end the game. The Aggies fell to the Cowboys, 31-23.

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