Game Recap: Decimated Texas A&M Football Team Falls to Oklahoma State

Texas A&M football, trotting out walk-ons due to their piecemeal roster, fell to the Cowboys by 8.
Dec 27, 2023; Houston, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies defensive back Aaron Trevino (32) stretches
Dec 27, 2023; Houston, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies defensive back Aaron Trevino (32) stretches / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
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Second Half of Texas A&M Football vs Oklahoma State

The second half began just like the first, with a short comeback route finding success for the Cowboys. A quick screen picked up four on the ensuing first down. The Cowboys only got three on the next play, and a pass from Bowman on third went right into the arms of a diving Dalton Brooks, the true freshman safety.

Marcel Reed delivered to Max Wright for 9 on the first play, and Amari picked up the first with a short gain on the next down. A brilliant play call on the next play saw a rollout throwback downfield to Max Wright for a big chunk gain, and the Aggies were once again in the red zone, down at the 10. An off-tackle run on first down went nowhere for Amari. Reed used his legs to get down to the five and bring up third and goal; the pass fell incomplete, but defensive holding was called against the Pokes, moving the Aggies down to the two and half yard line. A jumbo lineup from the Aggies worked to perfection, as Amari Daniels danced into the end zone almost untouched. Texas A&M football had cut the lead to 24-13.

A slant to Owens picked up 15 on the first play for the Cowboys. Another pass picked up another first down, and then a back shoulder throw dropped right in the bucket to get the Cowboys down in the red zone once more. A play-action fake saw Shemar Stewart right in the face of Bowman, forcing an incompletion on first, and Rylan Kennedy stretched out Gordon's rush attempt on second down to stop him for no gain. Bowman's throw on third down was perfectly placed, however, to put the Cowboys up 31-13.

Marcel Reed scooted forward for two yards on the first play of the ensuing drive, and a quick pass to Walker in the face of some pressure picked up the first. Another blitz by OSU was anticipated by Coley, as a tunnel screen to Walker picked up huge yards after the catch to get the Aggies just outside the Cowboy 30. Owens dashed through a big hole opened up by the offensive line, and picked his way down to the 20 for another first down on the next play. Reed pulled the ball down after finding no one open on the next play, dashing into the end zone to answer the Cowboys' touchdown. Bond's extra point made the score 31-20.

Texas A&M football would need their defense to step up in a big way. Gordon picked up about six on the first play, though, bringing up a favorable down and distance almost immediately. Another quick pass to the outside was completed for about 11 yards, and a tough run by Gordon picked up eight on the next play. A stretch run was stacked up by the Aggie front, bringing up third and one, but Gabe Dindy stopped him short. Gordon's antics that he had been pulling throughout the game finally came back to bite him, though, as a slap he delivered to Sam Matthews after the play cost the Cowboys 15 yards, doing away with any notion the Pokes might have had of going for it.

Texas A&M football took over at their own 24 yard line. Reed began the drive with a very eventful seven-yard rush, where he looked for a moment as if he might throw the ball once he passed the line of scrimmage before pulling it down. A very short run for Amari brought up third and one, and the Aggies fooled the Cowboys with a jumbo package in the short yardage. Micah Tease picked up a chunk of yardage on the play action rollout, taking the ball out to midfield to end the third quarter.