Texas A&M Football: Longhorn Fans Attempt to Slam Aggies' Schedule... Design?

The rivalry still burns hotly—apparently hotly enough for Horn fans to attempt to establish superiority in the realm of graphic design.
Nov 24, 2011; College Station, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies wide receiver Jeff Fuller
Nov 24, 2011; College Station, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies wide receiver Jeff Fuller / Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Longhorn Twitter Warriors Try to Attack Texas A&M Football's Graphics For Some Reason; Target Wrong Account

One of the most anticipated games of the year next year is the renewal of the rivalry between Texas A&M football and their in-state Longhorn foes. The game hasn't been played since Texas A&M football left the Big 12 for greener pastures back in 2011—now that the Longhorns have followed in the Aggies' footsteps, however, the matchup will be back for the foreseeable future.

Even though this game hasn't taken place on the field in about a dozen years, it has still burned probably too hotly in the digital realm. No matter what one school does, the fans of the other have been there to mock and put down, even if it's not really relevant.

A perfect example of this has come back up today. Following the 2024 SEC Schedule Release, the matchups for each squad were at the forefront of fans' minds. Not just the actual substance of the schedules either, apparently, as "Sugary Sweet Gabe" of TFB (a Texas fan site) saw the opportunity to land a blow against the Horns' hated rival... in the arena of graphic design.

Gabe uploads a tweet, linked above, where he puts up a side-by-side comparison of two graphics, one being the Longhorns' schedule and one the Aggies' schedule. "Stark differences here, overall design and idiocy to name a couple..." he wrote.

I suppose the idea is that the disparity in quality of design is so manifestly evident that the idiocy of the person behind the Texas A&M football graphic is unquestionably demonstrated. It is unclear what else he might be referring to by "idiocy," unless—moved along by a spirit or force unknown to himself—he is speaking an ironic prophecy over his own statement.

Indeed, it seems that this latter option may be closer to the truth, as Gabe has, apparently unbeknownst to himself, pulled the graphic generated by Texags and compared it to that from the official Longhorn sports account. Accordingly, the latter is far sleeker, as it is produced by an athletic department with a multi-million-dollar payroll. The actual graphic from the Texas A&M football account looks much more like the original point of comparison than the Texags one—of course, this would render his point null and void, and so he has yet to acknowledge it.

It is somewhat telling that there is a certain section of Longhorn fans who, though their team is headed to the College Football Playoff, feel the need to try and talk smack about the relative quality of design on a schedule graphic. It is also telling that that same brand of fan does not understand apples-to-apples comparisons, apparently.

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