Reacting to Texas A&M Football 2024 Schedule Reveal: Breakdown and Preview

Texas A&M football has a nice path set up for themselves in the coming year.
Oct 23, 2021; College Station, Texas, USA;  Texas A&M football
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September 28, 2024: Texas A&M Football vs. Arkansas (AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX)

The Southwest Classic is renewed for at least one more year up in the home of the Dallas Cowboys, as the Aggies will be taking on a conference opponent that has been somewhat of a punching bag for them over the last decade or so. September 28 sees the Aggies play a "home game" up in Arlington vs. the Hogs, who currently face a very uncertain future after a 4-8 finish.

Unless the bottom completely falls out for the Razorbacks, this is all too likely a game where Texas A&M football will indeed see Sam Pittman patrolling the opposite sideline. After an encouraging 9-4 year in 2021, Hog fans thought they were on the way up. However, they regressed to 7-6 in 2022 (despite cleaning up in the portal and returning their celebrated quarterback) and fell to a lowly 4 wins this year.

Despite all this, AD Hunter Yurachek has chosen to stand by Pittman, all-too-recently a fan favorite in Fayetteville. This could be to the benefit of the Aggies here, as the events of this season (perceivably) have led to an exodus of the top talent from Arkansas, including impressive running back Rocket Sanders.

That said, the Hogs have made what some might consider a desperation move and brought back Bobby Petrino—and that will either bring a smile to the face of Texas A&M football fans or send a chill down their spines, depending. Some consider Petrino to have been shackled by Jimbo this previous year, but still a genius when completely unchained. Others see the offensive product put on the field this season to be the authentic brainchild of Bobby P. His time in Fayetteville—where, despite scandal, he is still all but venerated—will be instructive. Hopefully, on September 28, it will be such to the advantage of Texas A&M football.