SEC Basketball Tier List: A&M Slowly Climbs, Surprise Team Right Behind

Where do the elite in the conference rank? Sorting every SEC basketball team into different tiers.

Auburn Tigers head coach Bruce Pearl talks with forward Johni Broome (4) as Auburn Tigers takes on
Auburn Tigers head coach Bruce Pearl talks with forward Johni Broome (4) as Auburn Tigers takes on / Jake Crandall / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Tier Listing Every SEC Basketball Team: Texas A&M Basketball Slowly Climbing

SEC Basketball is fully underway, and Texas A&M basketball is beginning to scrabble themselves together. A slow start to the conference slate for the Aggies demoralized many fans, but the Aggies have found a way to win in two of their last three—and by all rights should have won the other game, as well. That stretch includes a home win over the top-10 ranked Kentucky Wildcats, showing that this is an Aggie team that can raise their level of play when needed.

Even so, this conference is looking to be as much of a grind as ever. You have your typical names near the top of the list that have occupied the upper echelon of the conference in recent years. There is a solid middle section of teams that all have a great shot at the NCAA tournament, many of whom will likely make it when all is said and done. You’ve got your bubble teams, and then, far below, the bottom-feeders.

I decided to put together a tier list of teams based on where they fall in the NET Rankings. This was initially going to be just listing out teams based on said rankings, but as it turns out, the SEC (at least for the moment) slots very neatly into these tiers. Always nice when things come together like that!

So who is in the top tier? Who is in the bottom tier? Let’s look.

F Tier: The Vanderbilt Tier

14. Vanderbilt | NET Ranking: 235

I apologize, Commodores. Things have not gone as you wanted this season—that’s life sometimes. Keep your chin up! You have Mavericks Legend Jerry Stackhouse patrolling the sidelines! That has to count for something! Just not wins, or anything approaching currency in the eyes of the selection committee.