Texas A&M Football Portal Profiles: Alex Howard is Intriguing Add for Elko

The former Youngstown State Penguin could end up being a piece of quality depth for Texas A&M football—but how high is his ceiling?
Sept. 9, 2023; Columbus, Oh., USA; 
Youngstown State Penguins linebacker Alex Howard (3) recovers
Sept. 9, 2023; Columbus, Oh., USA; Youngstown State Penguins linebacker Alex Howard (3) recovers / Barbara J. Perenic/The Columbus Dispatch

Could Lower-Level Transfer Alex Howard Land a Starting Spot with Texas A&M Football?

Other than the fact that it was adding another linebacker to the roster, the commitment of Alex Howard to Texas A&M football came with little fanfare. He was at the front end of a large glut of commitments that were to come, and most fans were impatient for a big splash out of the portal—a transfer from an FCS school, even a respected program like YSU, didn't move the needle for a lot of people.

But then, as Texas A&M football fans began to watch the tape of Howard over his years with the Youngstown State Penguins, things changed a bit. Especially in his game against the mighty Ohio State Buckeyes, Aggie fans—laymen and coaches alike—could see that the guy had something going.

He was constantly in the right place. He tackled well, and made plays when the defense needed him to. In 2023, he notched 67 tackles, and a sack and a half for a team that Bill Connelly had ranked as the fifth best in all of FCS, despite a modest final record. Was this a diamond in the rough-type of find by Elko and company?

That's certainly the hope among the Maroon and White faithful. I'm no professional talent evaluator, but I like what I've seen out of Howard so far. He's savvy on the field, and more explosive than you might think. Much like another linebacker for Texas A&M football (one who very recently won freshman All-American honors, I might add), Howard very well could be an overlooked gem for the defense.

There's a linebacker spot up for grabs. Howard is in his final year of collegiate eligibility: he came to Texas A&M football because he wants that spot for his own. He'll have some competition, no doubt: the continued development of guys like Daymion Sanford and Martrell Harris will make them formidable foes in a position battle.

As the offseason rolls on, though, and as spring practice gets underway, keep your eye on Howard. The Spring Game will be telling. I think he could surprise a lot of people with his play come April.