Texas A&M football portal rumors: Is transfer DB staying at his previous school?

A transfer DB who wasn't scheduled to arrive in College Station until the summer has made a post indicating he might be not be making the trip at all.
Sep 30, 2023; Nashville, Tennessee, USA; Vanderbilt Commodores safety De'Rickey Wright (2) takes the
Sep 30, 2023; Nashville, Tennessee, USA; Vanderbilt Commodores safety De'Rickey Wright (2) takes the / Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M football portal rumors: Is Vandy DB transfer De'Rickey Wright staying with the Commodores?

No sooner do I write an article previewing the defense for Texas A&M football post-spring than news like this drops. And of course I write a section in the article talking about the guy in question specifically! This is just how things happen in the exciting new world of college football, I guess.

I'll be clear right up front here: this is still just a rumor at this point. Nothing has been confirmed—there's a lot of guesswork going on here. Even so, though, this isn't something that looks great for the Aggies.

Vanderbilt safety De'Rickey Wright was a guy that projected to be a big part of this safety rotation, what with the versatility that he brings to the position. The guy is all of 6'4" and 220 LBs, meaning he can play both safety and linebacker depending on the game situation.

He was one of the first commits out of the portal for Mike Elko, and one that several fans were very excited for—for all of the reasons mentioned above. Now, though, there are concerning signs that he may be staying with Clark Lea and Vanderbilt in Nashville.

Reading these Instagram story posts on their face certainly does make it look like Wright is at least heavily considering staying in Nashville.

Even from the beginning, it was reported that Wright wouldn't arrive on campus until the summer. With a timeline that long, you open yourself up to the possibility that some indecision could manifest at one point or another.

The amount of DBs that the Aggies took in the portal could be another reason Wright is reconsidering his decision. There will certainly be a heavier level of competition in College Station than Nashville, and that can be naturally intimidating.

Hopefully this is just smoke and nothing more. Even if Wright ends up staying, though, I'm fully confident that Mike Elko and the Aggie coaching staff have a plan.