Is Texas A&M Football Almost Out of Receivers for the Bowl Game?

Injuries and the transfer portal have really affected Texas A&M football at a key position.
Nov 11, 2023; College Station, Texas, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs cornerback Decamerion
Nov 11, 2023; College Station, Texas, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs cornerback Decamerion / Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M Football Wide Receiver Room Threadbare For Bowl Game

Due to a combination of injuries and the transfer portal, Texas A&M football will be bringing a depleted roster to Houston to compete against the Oklahoma State Cowboys this Wednesday. The position most affected for the Aggies, unfortunately, appears to be wideout.

It was already announced a while back that Ainias Smith, due to injury, would not be participating in the bowl game. He will, however, be on the sidelines in some kind of coaching capacity, which is pretty cool. Nevertheless, Ainias—the top receiver for Texas A&M footaball, will not be on the field running routes.

It should already be well-known by now that Evan Stewart, the second leading receiver for the Aggies, has entered the transfer portal. Texas A&M football got along in the last few games without Stewart, so this is less of a blow, but he is still quite skilled.

To make a bad situation worse, Billy Liucci of Texags has reported that Noah Thomas is likely to be unavailable for the bowl game. Noah has had his share of injuries throughout the season, but was an absolute monster when healthy.

Apart from those three, the Aggies have seen both freshman Raymond Cottrell and redshirt freshman Jordan Anthony enter the portal. Both were depth pieces, but in a game where you would be drawing on your depth, it would have been nice to have them.

So, without three of your top four options and missing two depth pieces, who is left for the Aggies? Is the cupboard bare at this point?

Luckily, the Aggies entered the year with one of the deepest receiver rooms in the nation—and they'll need every bit of that depth here. Moose Muhammad would be a top option on many other teams, and he will be available for the game. The same could be said of Jahdae Walker, who really came into his own later in the year. Promising and electric freshman Micah Tease will be out there as well. I'd also keep my eye on a walk-on and former teammate of Conner Weigman in reciever Andrew Maleski. Maleski was Weigman's top option at Bridgeland High School, and is legitimately talented.

That's the squad the Aggies will be working with here. Still plenty of talent, but another injury might be more than Texas A&M football can take. I anticipate a lot of heavy tight end sets.

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