Texas A&M Trivia: 25 People you didn’t know were Aggies

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Texas A&M University is a place unlike any other and so are their former students. Here are 25 men and women you might not know are Aggies.

There are over 450,000 Former Students of Texas A&M University. Some, like Johnny Manziel, Von Miller, and Mike Evans are widely known as Aggies. Others, while you may know their name, aren’t as widely known as someone who went to A&M – people such as Gary Kubiak, Michael WachaMartellus Bennett and Dude Perfect (above).

Did you know that Texas A&M boasts two presidents, two Miss USAs, the developer of the US Interstate Highway System, and an Executive Vice President of an NFL team? It’s true. Here are 25 people you may not know went to Texas A&M.

Bonus: Bill Garner, father of actress Jennifer Garner

You may have seen the pictures circulating on Twitter and Instagram of actress Jennifer Garner with Reveille at the Aggies football game against Alabama. Turns out, her father, Bill, attended Texas A&M. Bill Garner got his Bachelors of Chemical Engineering in 1961 and his Masters of Chemical Engineering in 1976, both from Texas A&M.

25. T. Boone Pickens, American business financier

T. Boone Pickens attended Texas A&M on a basketball scholarship. He didn’t graduate, instead he transferred and eventually graduated from Oklahoma State after losing his scholarship at Texas A&M. As an Aggie he was an Agriculture major and would have been class of 1951.

24. Jacobs Crawley, Rodeo World Champion

Jacobs Crawley attended Texas A&M from 2008-2011. He graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering. Crawley is a Rodeo World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider, winning in 2015.

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