Texas A&M basketball: Ross Bjork tells great story about Buzz Williams

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New Texas A&M basketball head coach Buzz Williams has met new athletic director Ross Bjork before, and their encounter was classic Buzz.

Scott Woodward left the Aggies high and dry when he bolted for LSU, his alma mater in his hometown state. Now that we’ve had time to process his leaving, it makes a lot of sense. Not just that he would leave for his alma mater, but one could argue he had peaked as the director of athletics. Part of that has to do with his final move to hire Buzz Williams as head coach of Texas A&M basketball.

Woodward had made arguably the two greatest hires in the history of Texas A&M athletics. Not that either coach has produced a national championship with the team, but Jimbo Fisher is the first time a national championship-winning head coach has left a school for Texas A&M, and Williams has had tournament success at every previous stop thus far.

Woodward exited on the highest of notes. George Constanza would be proud.

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The relationship between the athletic director and the coaches of the men’s football and basketball programs must be cordial, at the very least, and can thrive when there is a solid foundation. None of these three men had previous relationships with one another, but it seems like they will work well together. They have done nothing but exude admiration for the others since being hired.

Bjork was recently asked about the two head coaches this week and had an interesting story to share about Williams.

"“We played up [at Virginia Tech] in Blacksburg and then they came to our place. And we were going through our challenges at the time and Buzz stopped me in the tunnel, I didn’t really know if he remembered me or not, and he stopped me and put his hand on my shoulder and just said hey Ross I’ve been impressed with you I’ve watched you from afar. You’ve had steady great leadership, I really admire that. Keep doing what you’re doing. And I was like wow, here’s a very, very busy college basketball coach and he’s paying attention to what’s happening at our University. So I’ve been impressed with Buzz.”"

The two have yet to meet face to face as of Bjork’s hiring by Texas A&M, but it sure seems like the two have admired each other from afar.

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Williams is already making moves at Texas A&M, bringing in a Top 35 recruiting class despite the program going through a coaching change. He also is getting Savion Flagg back, which is a huge win for the 2019-20 season. Things are looking up for Aggie basketball.