5 painfully overlooked players on the Texas A&M Football team

Devon Achane, Texas A&M Football Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Devon Achane, Texas A&M Football Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /
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Texas A&M Football Overlooked Players in 2021, No. 2: DE Micheal Clemons

If you google the name “Micheal Clemons,” the first name that comes up might be a 56-year old former NFL vet. And while that’s not the same Micheal Clemons that we’re talking about today, it feels like this one has been around long enough to be 56 years old.

The 6th-year A&M graduate student may not be the flashiest defensive end in the country. That said, Clemons’ primary strength isn’t his athleticism or intangibles. Rather, the Aggie defensive end brings experience to the table, something that isn’t necessarily easy to come by for this Texas A&M Football team.

Clemons has had a long journey to get to the point where he’s at now, which explains why he’s in his 6th year. Between the junior college route and bouts of injuries, Clemons hasn’t had a clean chance to play through an entire SEC season in his career. In 2021, he might get that chance.

There are a couple of reasons why Clemons is largely forgotten about on this team but one stands above the rest. Clemons went down with an injury five games into the 2020 season. He was replaced at the Texas A&M defensive line stepped up as one of the best in the country. College football

Still, he put up impressive numbers with 4.5 tackles for loss and 4 sacks in this short stint. He was a captain in four of those games. Between his ability to be a leader and his clear productivity on the field, there’s really no reason why he shouldn’t be considered the best returning lineman on this team.