Texas A&M football: New jersey numbers & changes for players ahead of spring practice

Which Texas A&M football players are getting new numbers? What numbers will the newcomers wear? Let’s take a look.
Dec 27, 2023; Houston, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies linebacker Sam Mathews (12) intercepts a pass
Dec 27, 2023; Houston, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies linebacker Sam Mathews (12) intercepts a pass / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M football: Tracking every jersey number change and new numbers for transfers, freshmen

Spring practice begins tomorrow for Texas A&M football. All the new additions to the team have made it to campus, and all the outgoing transfers have departed. This latter part frees up quite a few jersey numbers for the newcomers; as numerous as they are, the incoming group needed it!

Let's go over which returning players changed numbers for the Aggies before we go into which numbers the incoming players will wear.

WR Micah Tease has changed from #13 to #4.
RB Amari Daniels has changed from #4 to #5.
QB Blake Bost has changed from #21 to #14.
DB Bobby Taylor has changed from #3 to #22.
TE Jaden Platt has changed from #6 to #85.

All told, only five changes for the team. The amount of newcomers, though, is much greater; and given those who are departing either via transfer or the draft, there are going to be quite a few new guys in familiar numbers. Let's take a look.

Jersey numbers for Texas A&M football freshmen and transfers

WR Izaiah Williams will wear #0.
LB Scooby Williams will wear #0.
WR Jabre Barber will wear #1.
LB Alex Howard will wear #3.
WR Cyrus Allen will wear #6.
DB Jaydon Hill will wear #8.
DB Trey Jones III will wear #9.
DB Dezz Ricks will wear #10.
DL Nic Scourton will wear #11.
DB Marcus Ratcliffe will wear #18.
DB BJ Mayes will wear #20.
RB EJ Smith will wear #22.
DB Donovan Saunders will wear #24.
DB Will Lee III will wear #26.
DB Jordan Pride will wear #28.
DB Myles Davis will wear #29.
DL Solomon Williams will wear #30.
DL Cashius Howell will wear #34.
DL Kendall Jackson will wear #42.
LB Jordan Lockhart will wear #45.
OL Blake Ivy will wear #52.
DL Rodas Johnson will wear #56.
OL Derrick Graham will wear #65.
OL Ar'maj Reed-Adams will wear #70.
OL Dorian Hinton will wear #72.
WR Wesley Watson will wear #80.
TE Tre Watson
will wear #84.
TE Garrett Miller
will wear #88.

It didn't strike me until writing all that out just how much turnover there has been on the Texas A&M football roster from last season until now. That's 28 newcomers here before spring, with more set to arrive in the summertime.