Why every key Texas A&M basketball player will (and won't) stay for next season

With the transfer portal open and alive, it'll be interesting to see who will stay and leave.
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Will Texas A&M basketball fans see Solomon Washington remain in College Station?

Washington just wrapped up his sophomore season with the Aggies averaging 7.4 points, 5.7 rebounds, and just over a block a game. Solomon brings a lot of athleticism to the team, and it is evident with how he plays.

The forward from New Orleans had a huge role on the squad this season, and if we could get him to return, that'd be a huge win. His reinvented offensive game complements his defensive talent well.

With Solomon, I think we could see a portal entry, but nonetheless, it is still very likely he could return for another season. A common theme with these guys is that they're built on the culture Coach Williams has implemented, and I think that plays a huge part in what they will do going forward.

Will Henry Coleman return to Texas A&M basketball?

Coleman just finished up his senior campaign at A&M averaging 8.8 points, and 5.6 rebounds a game. The senior started his career at Duke, where he averaged 5 minutes a game before transferring to Texas A&M.

Coleman played a huge role in the first years he was in College Station. However, this previous year was marred by injury, as he was unable to play a heavy rotation of effective minutes down the stretch.

Coleman has been an instrumental part to the teams success. He is a guy that brings a lot of physicality to the floor, as well as being an elite rebounder. As for next year, it is very possible he will be returning.