Why every key Texas A&M basketball player will (and won't) stay for next season

With the transfer portal open and alive, it'll be interesting to see who will stay and leave.
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Can Texas A&M basketball fans expect to keep Manny Obaseki?

Phew, what a phenomenal finish to the season for Manny. The junior averaged 7 points and just over 1 rebound a game, but what I really like about Manny is the grit and toughness he has.

He's another guy who brings a lot of the intangibles. The Texas native has spent his whole career with Texas A&M basketball, but I think it is 50/50 on if he'll return.

I could see him finishing his senior year with the Ags, but I could also envision him entering the portal. Obaseki has a lot of potential, and simply having a guy like that on your roster is a win in and of itself. We'll have to wait and see.

Again, as of today, no one has entered the portal just yet. Earlier yesterday, there was a post made on X that mentioned Garcia was entering the transfer portal, but it was quickly put to sleep after Andy made a post on his Instagram stating he will be returning next year.

The transfer portal will remain open until May 1, so there is still some time. For now, it seems like everyone wants to run it back.