Texas A&M basketball tourney draws for men and women's teams awkward for new Aggie AD

Both the men's and women's teams for the Aggies drew a first-round opponent from the same university. It's either poetic or extremely awkward.

Nov 28, 2022; Omaha, Nebraska, US;  Nebraska Cornhuskers athletic director Trev Alberts speaks at
Nov 28, 2022; Omaha, Nebraska, US; Nebraska Cornhuskers athletic director Trev Alberts speaks at / Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M basketball: Aggie men's and women's basketball teams both draw Nebraska... From whom the Aggies just stole a preeminent AD

The tourney fields are final, and both the men's and women's Texas A&M basketball teams have made the field for the first time since 2018. In an interesting scheduling quirk, both squads drew a team from the same university as their first-round matchup. As it happens, that university was one that has been relevant to the Aggies very recently.

The biggest storyline last week for the Aggies, outside of actual results of athletics contests, was the hiring of Trev Alberts as the new Director of Athletics in College Station. This was a move described as "meteoric" and generally seen as a big time play in the industry. Alberts is thought of as a leader in the industry, future-focused, and a preeminent voice in collegiate athletics.

The other reason this was so remarkable was where the Aggies had hired Alberts from. Directly before coming to Aggieland, Alberts held the same position at Nebraska, where he played college football. It's never an easy thing to pull a guy from his alma mater like that, but the Aggies pulled it off—only adding to the enormity of the hire.

Now, though... it's a little awkward. Alberts chimed in once the Aggie men's team was selected:

And then once again when the matchup was revealed for the Aggie women:

This didn't go unnoticed by fans or the college basketball media in general, either!

Tournament games are always meaningful, but this first-round matchup will certainly have an extra layer of meaning to it after all that's gone on in the past week. That's all the better, of course, as the Ags can maybe use this as some more motivation for the matchup. I think it's no question that the Huskers will be doing so as well.